ROD 010213


Wednesday, 02Jan13


MB Bonanza

This is a 30 second work  /15 second recovery for 4 rounds with a 1 minute in between.

  • MB Slams
  • MB (kneeling) Sprawl and Wall Pass
  • MB Dynamax Thrusters
  • MB Tornado Twists
  • MB Alternating Single Arm Push-ups
  • MB Lunge w/ Twist
On the kneeling sprawl and pass, while on knees a two handed chest pass to the wall while simultaneously sprawling into a push-up position returning to a kneel when ball bounces back. MB alternating push-ups will be performed with an arm on the med ball while performing push-ups, in the next round rotate to the other arm. MB slams should be performed rapidly while moving in a circle going a full 360 using a 10 lb ball. On the Lunge, the twist should be to the lunging leg side.