ROD 041413


Sunday, 14Apr13


Rest Day…


Start Strong – Finish Stronger

What does it mean to you? To us it means that every single time you hit the gym floor you want to get better. Not only fit wise but you should want to move better learn how your body responds to certain stimulus. Demonstrating the ability to move better will get you stronger. How many times have you heard that from the NLP trainers. We can’t emphasize enough the seriousness you should take when you move that weight around the gym. What value do you put on the fact that you never really have a “bad” training session?  How much value can be attached to setting new Personal Records every single time you train?  Studies have shown that strength training in general has a cognitive carryover – how much greater is the carryover when you can literally become better than you ever have been EVERY day? We want you to walk into the gym with confidence, knowing what to use, how to use it. Keep in mind that your there to improve you and nothing else. So when you enter the gym come to learn every single time how to move. Learning to move better will keep you from becoming injured. Promise yourself that every time you walk through those gym doors it’s to… Start Strong – Finish Stronger.

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