ROD 051913


Sunday, 19May13


Rest Day


CMC Today and here are some Pics…

964940_484027881670372_59623398_o   The Newlyweds

941201_484026588337168_83241425_n   The fire in this man is always HOT …

922839_484027961670364_821731042_n  Alright, you look good shirtless.

964824_484026531670507_279937793_o  Oh no here he comes over the wall.

965038_484028238337003_883134725_o  Go Gau!!!!

942792_484028095003684_1157427061_n   Doreen your suppose to be ahead of them…

976709_484026671670493_335185337_o   Is that Tara going up that wall?

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