ROD 073113


Wednesday, 31Jul13


This is a 40 second work / 20 second recovery for four rounds with 1 minute rest every 2 rounds of

  • Single Leg Alternating Squats on TRX
  • Dynamax Double Knee to Wall Toss
  • KB Single Arm Row & Catch
  • Sandbag Shouldering Stepping Stone Walk
  • Push-ups on Equilizer

**Grab the Dynamax ball and with both knees tap and then toss against wall come up 45 degrees re-catching the ball, repeat.

**Weight plates are in a challenging zig zag pattern & distance, walk onto plates one at a time while shouldering a sandbag. Switch shoulders at each round.

**Equilizer on it’s side, hands are placed below the feet of equilizer where push-ups are performed. Do not touch ground with body.