ROD 111714


Monday, 17Nov14


Blues Ladder

IGOUGO Partner Routine Ladder.

This is a Double KB Swing – Clean – Press – Squat complex. Partner up with someone that is closely at your fitness level, which is fun while challenging each other in competition mode or if not then each of you can choose separate KB weights that each of you can lift progressively.

KB Partner Ladder – 1-? reps try to reach as many reps as time permits. You will have 25 minutes to go as far as possible with your partner. You cannot go until your partner completes his/her round.

  • Swing – Clean – Press – Squat Complex

Example: 1 swing into 1 clean into 1 press to a squat then your partner goes… Then round 2- 2 swings to 2 cleans to 2 presses to 2 squats