ROD 032815


Saturday, 28Mar15


Partner Ladder Match

Partners will start at 20 reps and descend by 2’s and then return up the ladder. This will go on for 25 minutes. After the partners complete all 6 exercises they will have a 30 second rest from the running clock and then continue.

Partner 1 Does:

  • 20 KB Swings
  • 20 KB High Pulls
  • 20 KB Push Press

While Partner 2 Does:

  • 20 DB Goblet Squats
  • 20 DB Renegade Rows (r+l=2)
  • 20 Sit-outs (r+l=2)… Then switch sides

The reps will descend by 2 reps, so the next set of reps will be 18, then 16 and so on till you reach 2 reps. Both partners will then ascend by 2 reps and try to complete the ladder. If one partner finishes before the other he/she can rest until the other partner finishes. See how far you and your partner can go in 25 minutes. Find a partner that matches your strength level. If not find a challenging average weight you both can use.