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It’s no secret that in order to get in better shape (i.e., lose some extra body fat and improve your general fitness) you have to make lifestyle changes. But many people still fail when attempting to get fit, not because they didn’t change their lifestyles, but because the lifestyle changes they made were unrealistic and misguided.

For example, It’s commonly thought that in order to get into better shape, people must either work out 24/7 or do extreme routines like the ones we see athletes and bodybuilders doing in magazines and on television. This is simply not true. And, it’s this thought process, the go hard or go home mentality many trainers and coaches seem to have, that makes many people frustrated and driven away thinking that regular exercises isn’t for them.

If you’re trying to become a bodybuilder or a high-level athlete, you must exercise like one. However, if you’re someone who’s interested in simply getting into shape, you certainly don’t need to become a “health nut” who lives in the gym or does extreme workouts. I am proof of that losing 42 pounds and gaining 12 lbs of muscle over a 9 month conservative NLP style training regiment with a mix of bodybuilding type protocol..

In order to improve your health and get into better shape, you simply need to practice better eating habits and regularly participate in physical exercise such as the one we offer at NLP which fits your ability and fitness level.

Coach Donald

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