ROD 92909


Tuesday, 29Sep09

Conditioning Couplets

15 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest x 10 rounds

Switch back and forth between

Couplet 1

  • Double kettlebell swings
  • Push ups  
Couplet 2
  • Double kettlebell front squats 
  • Ring rows 

Rest 1:30 between couplets

 Keep your reps consistent through out the 10 rounds  e.g; kettlebell snatches 6/6 reps for 10 rounds, it’s time to move the reps up to 7/7, then maybe 8/8.  Once you feel you have max’ed out on reps, it’s time to pick up a heavier bell.
Below is a demonstration of what a High Intensity Interval Training session would look like.
                                 A good friend to Coach & Next Level Performance,
              Mike Stehle, RKC II Instructor of CrossFit New Jersey is seen in this video.

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