ROD 93009


Wednesday, 30Sep09


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings 
12 Pull-ups

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                                                          The Deadlift”

The deadlift is a functional movement. It is nothing other than picking something off the floor. When picking up a barbell, there are three setup conditions that create efficient, effective and safe mechanics: weight on the heels, maintaining solid midline stability, and having the shoulders just in front of the bar. The bar should travel vertically without having to move forward around the knees. 

The deadlift is too often ignored in general fitness weight training, although it is a specialty of the powerlifters. For men and women wanting to build good looking legs and backside, the deadlift joins the squat as a premier exercise and can go some way toward replacing the squat for those who find balancing heavy weights on inflexible shoulders not to their liking. Try it. Deadlifts are one of my favorite lifts. Every member that participates in H.I.I.T will learn how to do a proper “Deadlift”. It will soon become a staple exercise. Watch this video carefully, I believe you will not get a better explanation, Coach Greg Glassman of CrossFit, and demonstration of the most functional movement you could perform.

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