ROD 100609


Tuesday, 06Oct09

Ten Minute Triplets

Get as many rounds as you can in a 10 minute time period of each triplet. Rest 1min 30sec in between each triplet.

Triplet 1

  • Jump rope (100 rotations)
  • Snatch 5/5 reps or snatch pull 10 reps
  • Burpees 10  

Triplet 2

  • Shuttle run 10 laps 
  • Dumbbell Thruster 10  
  • Russian twists


                                                          Athletic Training

NLP Training Philosophy

The Next Level Performance Facility provides professional strength and movement instruction for young athletes. Based on a long-term approach to development. The NLP staff takes pride in serving as role-models for developing young people in the community. While we strive to promote athletic ability, prevent injury, and provide a positive environment for our youth, the future success and well-being of our participants will always be our top priority.

  • We do not train athletes to become bodybuilders, powerlifters or Olympic style weightlifters; rather, we train athletes to become better athletes. We train athletes to develop the components of athleticism; strength, power, flexibility, speed, agility, footwork, endurance,  body composition, mental focus and motivation.
  • We utilize the principle of specificity, and therefore use free weight training as much as possible. Free weights allow athletes to move athletically, and not in a fixed motion pattern like most machines. We train movements and thereby train the muscles that produce these movements. Certain movements are not ideally trainable with free weights, in which case we  utilize bands, med balls, sand bags and other cutting edge tools.
  • We utilize explosive power training (plyometrics, squats, deadlifts). Athletes with great power and explosiveness, for the most part, dominate athletics. With all other things being equal, the athlete with the greatest power and explosiveness will dominate his opponent. We follow a sequential progression, in order to maximize safety and optimize success, for all explosive power movements.

Interval Training

Our conditioning programs are based on interval training principles. Interval training is work or exercise followed by a prescribed rest interval. Our programs meet the specific conditions for each sport. With interval training we stress not only the work phase but also the recovery phase between work intervals. If the rest period is too short, the amount of energy is not sufficient to meet the demands of the next maximum intensity effort, and force output will be reduced. The higher the exercise intensity the longer the recovery phase should be in relation to work time. 

At Next Level Performance, overall athleticism is what we develop. There is a “best” way to run, stop, land, jump, and change direction. When you are working on these areas you have a huge advantage over other athletes that are skipping this step. How can we help you in your sport? The answer is simple: we’ll make you faster and stronger than the competition. When you are faster and stronger, you will be at that Next Level!

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