ROD 102309


Saturday, 23Oct09

Killer Conditioning


30 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest non-stop of the following for five rounds.  

  • Kettlebell high pulls
  • Wall ball
  • Battling Ropes
  • Jumping pull ups
  • Double crunches from a Plank

Results of yesterday’s routine…

tn_101_1823 The dreaded hip stretch (she look’s like she’s smiling… believe me, she’s not).

tn_101_1828  The “catch”  tn_101_1825  The “recovery” in rowing terms.

tn_101_1830  The “deadlift”  tn_101_1832  in full extension.

tn_101_1636  The “swing”   tn_101_1709   The “overhead press”

These are just some of the moves new members are required to learn in the Essential Workshop.