ROD 121909


Saturday, 19Dec09


Sweaty Saturday

60 seconds of work to 30 seconds of rest 3 rounds with no rest in between

Wall-ball shots, 14 pound ball
Jumping pull-ups
Barbell shoulder push
Half burpees
Tire sledge slams

Durng the past month we have been working with both the New York Panthers Red and Blue teams. So far they have been going overr the basics of bio-motor skills and positioning so they could move effectively and efficiently on the field. Below are some pics of the NYPanthers Red team in action…

tn_DSCF1973      tn_DSCF1978tn_DSCF1979

These girls have gotten so fast that all we caught was the movement blur left behind. No seriously, these ladies are working hard to develop the proper functional strength and quickness to compete at a higher elite level of athletisim.