ROD 032910


Monday, 29Mar10


Strongman Monday

40 work / 20 rest timed routine for 4 rounds

~ 1 arm 24k Kettlebell bench press (alt. 5l/5r)
~ Keg overhead press
~ 1 arm 40# DB thrusters (alt. 5l/5r)
~ 30# ball slams
~ Pull-ups ( from a dead hang to the chin over bar)
~ 115# Deadlifts

“Pain is not evil, unless it conquers us.”
– Charles Kingsley

Monster Bells – What are they?

These massive dumbbells will help you blast your shoulder and grip strength to the Nxt Level. These dumbbells take the look and use of the antique dumbbells used by professional strongmen over 100 years ago. They have designed these dumbbell’s to be weight loadable by adding shot, BB’s, coins, sand or a combination of to bring the weight to your desired level. We have had our 8″ MonsterBells up to 202 pounds filled with lead shot and our 12″ up to 205 filled with just sand and they are built X-tra Heavy Duty! In the video below you’ll see just how they are used… Nxt weekAtlas Stones?