ROD 042310


Friday, 23Apr10


Swing, Push & Snatch

Complete these four exercises on the two minute mark for 20 minutes!

10 kb swings
10 push ups
10 KB hold to a figure 8
10 squat thrusts

For example, if you finish in 1:30, you’ll have 30 seconds rest before starting again.



This Saturday April 10, the Annual High Rock Challenge, held on Staten Island, will begin at 9:00 am. This is a tough challenge but our workouts are tougher.

We want to send out a big  GOOD LUCK  to

  1. Juan & Maria – Team Nxt Level
  2. Darren & Mike – Team Nxt Level II
  3. Brian & Mike C. – Team Nxt Level III
  4. Joe & “No Show” Shawn- Team Nxt Level IV

Each team has been training hard at Nxt Level for this event. Nxt Level is proud to have this many members competing in the High Rock Challenge. It shows that we fear nothing and no one.


” I never allow fear to dictate what I can do, but I do allow for it to teach me something.”
Waldo Emerson

Recommended Reading: Beyond the Body by Louis Hayes


Let’s take a good look at this new fitness tool for squats & lunges, Someone will buy this.

Air squats too hard? Try Guided Assistance Technology!