ROD 080210


Monday, 02Aug10

Pull ~ Push ~ Squat
5 rounds of 40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest

 1:00 rest between rounds

  • jumping pull ups
  • battling ropes w/rear lunge 
  • kettlebell high pulls
  • bodybar get-ups
  • crush squat
  •  push-ups


“Happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change.” – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller


Zone At-a-Glance – The Simplified Approach to get you started

1/3rd of plate lean proteinOn 1/3rd of your plate, put a piece of lean protein the size and thickness of your palm. Examples: skinless chicken, fish, egg whites, tofu.

2/3rds of plate fruits and/or vegetablesFill the remaining 2/3rds of your plate with fruits and/or vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables are fine, but avoid things like corn and bananas.

Dash of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatAdd a dash of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Examples: Olive Oil, Almonds, Avocado.

Avoid trans-fats.

Zone Blocks – The Precision Approach to keep you going

Read CrossFit Journal 21 to find out more info about Zone Blocks, determine your block requirement, review block chart and sample meals.  CFJ Issue 21: Zone Meal Plans


1. Find out how many Zone Blocks you are allowed to consume in a day. Zone Block Calculator »
2. Download the Blocks Guide and use this as a reference to assemble meals and snacks in exact proportions. Download Zone Blocks Guide »