ROD 111010


Wednesday, 10Nov10

Four rounds of 30w/30w/30r

  • KB single arm row R/L
  • Stationary lunges R/L
  • Push-up to T stab R/L
  • KB overhead squat R/L
  • Kettlebell shoulder press R/L 

 No rest between rounds!

Athletes ROW (Routine of the Week) 
Always start with the Med-Ball Chops and Hip Raisers
6 reps of foward – lateral – transverse (rear)  lunges
2 rounds of band walks
2 rounds of skipping
2 rounds of butt kickers
Pre – Routine
20 Squats
20 Jump lunges
10 Jump squats
10 Burpees
for time, work as a team.
Each team member must complete reps together as a team before advancing to the next exercise
80 Mtn climbers
  8  Burpees
  16 Jumping lunges (8r/8l)
10 x’s the length of gym, shuttles 
10 Bent over db rows R/L
  8 Med ball slams
80 Mtn climbers
  8 Jump squats
Four rounds of 30w/15r