ROD 042911


Friday, 29Apr11


Good Morning Friday!!

6 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest of the following movements. Finish 6 rounds of one, take and minute rest and move on to the next.

  • Battling Ropes
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Dumbell push press
  • Sit outs
  • Box jumps
  • Split jumps w/arms overhead


What the High Rock Challenge means to Staten Island

Officer Kelly, a member of the department’s auto-larceny unit, was working a red-light enforcement detail when he stopped a motorcycle with stolen license plates. As Officer Kelly approached the motorcycle, the operator fled on the motorcycle. Officer Kelly pursued the suspect when he lost control of his unmarked cruiser, a 1999 Chevy Lumina, and collided into the utility pole. The  motorcycle driver fled the scene, but was arrested after police received a tip as to his identity.

 The suspect was convicted of attempted assault second-degree, reckless endangerment, possession of stolen property, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving with a suspended license. He was sentenced to only six years in prison.
Officer Kelly was posthomously awarded the agency’s Medal of Honor
Officer Kelly had been with the New York City Police Department for nine years, and is survived by his wife, Patricia M. Kelly, a police officer herself at the time, and two young sons, Christopher and Sean.

In memory of Police Officer John Kelly, the High Rock Challenge is an adventure run in the Greenbelt Trail System of Staten Island that is roughly ten kilometers in length. Teams consisting of two members must run together at all times and compete in five mystery events which are located throughout the course. Mystery events are designed to challenge and encourage teamwork as well as mental and physical strength. There will be food, beverages and entertainment at the finish. Previous year’s challenges brought competitors face to face with a 50 pound sandbag, an 8 foot wall, a word scramble test, a low crawl net and a suspended wire bridge over a murky pond.

A large number of our Nxt Level community will be participants in the High Rock Challenge. We are proud that our gym has the most participants than any other facility on the Island. We want to extend our best wishes to them and may the best couple win.