ROD 051711


Tuesday, 17May11


“Nxt Level Savior”

First… do gate swings continuously until each person takes a turn at doing 5 burpees.

Then 7 rounds of the following for time:

10 Squat thrust
10 KB power row & catch (on each side)
10 V-ups
10 KB high pulls



The Skinny on Nutrition (pun intended)

T-minus 13 days until Memorial Day weekend is upon us. To me, living at the beach, this is the (un)official beginning of summer. The temperature is on the rise. Outdoor events, pool parties, beach trips, and the like are right around the corner. For some this means finding reasons to take their shirt off (I am guilty as charged) or slip into a new bikini to show off their hard work and dedication over the last few months.

For others this time of year can cause some serious panic. “Why didn’t I lean out like I wanted to?”, “Oh Sh*t, why doesn’t my summer wardrobe fit?”, “I’m not taking my shirt off in front of these people.” Simply put – no fun in the sun. Luckily, you can still lose a considerable amount of body fat by the time the mid-summer months roll around. But time is ticking. You need to get your ‘ish on point, and fast.
Fact: I do not care what type of exercise you do; boot camps, kettlebells, metabolic circuits, running or sprinting, lifting, the Shake Weight, or extreme unicycling. If your diet is not dialed in, your choice of exercise is not going to make much of a difference. We will leave the discussion on what type of exercises/workouts are best for another post.
Luckily, you are here and I’m about to drop an education bomb on your brain.
Firstly, here are three simple rules I give to anyone asking about nutrition…
#1 – If it comes in a bag or a box, or you can’t pronounce all of the ingredients without getting a migraine do NOT eat it.
#1a – Similarly to #1, if a caveman wandering around the ancient world couldn’t find it to eat, then you shouldn’t either.

#2 – When food shopping at large supermarkets, work the perimeter of thethe store. This is where the REAL food is; the lean meats, produce, eggs, etc.

#3 – One of the best and most memorable ways I have heard to sum up healthy, lean, clean eating comes from the author Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food – “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.” A simple sentence, yet powerfully effective.
Secondly, the way I see it, the more you know about something, the more you understand why youare doing what you’re doing and are thus more likely to stick with it. Enter uber fitness guru, Roman.
John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems recently wrote a 3 part blog series on macronutrients, what they do, why some are grossly misunderstood, and how they can help you in your quest for weight loss and healthy living. Check that info out here: Carbohydrates. Fats. Protein. Hopefully it will drop some knowledge about what you’re putting in your body and why. Finally, some could say I am just another fitness blogger on the interweb preaching noise. Maybe. But to finish off this mini-lesson on nutrition I am going to send you to what I consider to be THE source for nutritional information and coaching (applause break).

Dr. John Berardi and Precision Nutrition.

Head over to their site. It is awesome. They even offer you a free 5-day fat loss crash course via 5, 10 minute email videos tailored for either sex.  (Be sure to scroll all the way down to sign up for the videos via email. And no, I am in no way affiliated with Percision Nutrition. I just have a mancrush on them).
That’s all I have for now, folks. Hopefully you learned a thing or two today and are a little closer to reaching your fitness goals. See you on the beach.