ROD 071311


Wednesday, 13Jul11


 Wack-a-doo Wednesday

30 sec. work / 15 sec. rest  for 5 rounds with 1 min rest in between rounds.

  • TRX plank saws
  • KB Deadlifts
  • KB row & catch
  • Box jumps
  • MB Supermans 
  • DB single leg squats ( place 1 leg on a box, DB in hands & a long stance so knee doesn’t go over toe when squatting on single leg – perform squats)


 The importance of sleep on your health is confirmed.

The importance of sleep especially non rem cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, over 50 million people in America suffer from some deprivation on a regular basis. Virtually everyone will have some mild case of insomnia during the course of any year.

Anyone who has a problem with  deprivation is susceptible to a number of conditions directly related to not getting enough. Some of these include

  • cancer
  • obesity
  • heart attacks
  • diabetes
  • or strokes.

The fact is, more than 65 diseases can be directly traced to effect of deprivation. In this light the importance of sleep starts to become obvious.

A normal sleep cycle is considered to be 7 ½ hours to 8 ¾ hours for anyone under 65 years of age. Older people tend to get less on average due to their relative lack of activity compared to those younger. Because of this the importance of sleepto them is still valid, but they just need less of it.

People with normal cycles fall asleep in less than 15 minutes, and generally stay asleep all night for the most part. The quality of the it should be one of minimal movement and deep. Dreams are generally pleasant or mundane. For those with these normal cycles, life is probably satisfactory and a good diet is being followed.

Sadly, most people do not understand that they have a problem if they are not getting enough.

They fail to understand the importance of sleep and the effects on their health and quality of life.

Consult your spouse. Your spouse knows how sound or restless you are. Ask them if you are indeed restless.

Two things that are indicative of  deprivation are excessive hunger and fatigue. Hunger is a sign of poor rest if you are not very hungry when you first get up in the morning or you are very hungry in the evening when you get home. A deep sleeper will be really hungry right at the time of waking and the desire to eat and snack all evening will not be extreme. In terms of the overweight, the importance of sleep can mean the difference of being normal weight or heading into obesity.

Fatigue is the next certain indicator for needing more rest. If you wake up tired and remain tired through the whole day, you are suffering fatigue. You may dose off or find it hard to concentrate. This could obviously jeopardize your career.

We have the ability to use insight. When we need to solve a problem, we can draw from past observances and knowledge to find solutions. Nature magazine tested this and its link to how much slp you get. What they found was that people who were well rested with normal cycles outperformed those who were deprived of adequate rest by a factor or 2 to 1 in puzzle solving. This was a well constructed study that verified the importance of sleep.

Deprivation ultimately leads to dementia or sometimes death. Taking supplements such as Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA, Vitamin B12 and maintaining normal cholesterol levels above 200 can help stave off dementia. But without adequate rest, nothing will stop permanent damage to the brain. It is essential you fix whatever is hindering normal rest. The importance of sleep not only effects your quality of life today, but has a drastic effect on you when you become elderly.