ROD 102811


Friday, 28Oct11


Mad Max Friday

Max rounds in 20 mins of:

  •  12 reps of DB Hang squat cleans @ 20# or higher (10 am class will use barbell @ 65#)
  •  7 reps of Pullups (assisted or unassisted)


Top 10 Things People Do After Sex

What do you do?

By Katarina_HD

Couple Foreplay

So what do people do after having sex?  It seems we only end up with a handful of things to do but some of them are quite surprising. What do the people of the online dating world do? Add a comment below!

#10 – Coo at Each Other

Look into each others eyes and coo at each other.  This is a time to relax in each others arms, tell your secrets, hopes and dreams and snuggle a little.  It’s time for some deep and serious intimate conversation.  Sexual intimacy already creates a bond between two people, but quiet time together and talking after sex creates an even stronger connection. Women seem to enjoy this more than men, however, the trend is fast becoming an important role for men as well.

# 9 – Roll Over

Yes, we all could use a little sleep after a good shag.  Surprisingly, women tend to do this more than men!  I guess it all depends as to who did all the work.  Statistics show that with the never ending list of things to get done in a day, if a couple can manage to squeeze in some lovin’ then it’s a bonus but once done, it’s time to get some well needed sleep because tomorrow is another busy day.

# 8 – Turn it Off

Turn off the video camera that is.  Not many couples do this, however, for couples who are a little more adventurous and like to watch themselves after their love fest; they will turn off their video camera and press  ‘play’ to enjoy hours of fun spectating their sport.

Digital Video Camera Front-si

# 7 – Have a Smoke

They come out of the closet now!  If someone was trying to keep it from you that they smoke, chances are they are most apt to have a cigarette after sex.  If they know you have a problem with their smoking, then they might leave the bed quickly after sex so they can have their smoke.  However, they do prefer to smoke in bed if they can.

#6 – Check your phone

Perhaps you’ve switched off your blackberry or iphone to quiet, do not disturb or off, but once sex is over, their heads are swimming again thinking about work and checking messages to see if they have ‘missed’ anything while they were in the throes of ecstasy.  It’s back to work and business as usual for these folks.

# 5 – Watch T.V.

For the couch potato who defines life with the obligatory boob tube. They are relaxed after sex and what can be better than continuing their deep state of relaxation with some down time in front of the T.V.?

Couple Kissing

# 4 – Go to the Bathroom

Almost every one does, especially women.  All that friction causes our bodies to heed nature’s call.  Some go to the bathroom to check on their appearance and make sure hair and/or make up is not out of place.  It all depends on what stage the relationship is at.   A couple that has been together for a long time are not too worried about their appearance, however, a ‘new’ couple will be concerned with how they look with their bed disheveled hair.

# 3 – Get Up and Go To Work

Reality bites and although we would all love to have rainy days in bed with our loved one, chances are, it doesn’t happen too often and your boss is still expecting you to get to work on time like any other day. If anything, it should keep you in good spirits throughout your day!

# 2 – Have a Shower/Bath

Nothing is more relaxing than a nice long soak in the bathtub or shower with your lover after a good shag.

Couple Eating A Apple

# 1 – Eat and Drink

The number one activity for most people after sex is eating and drinking.  They are tired (hopefully), thirsty and hungry.  Most people head for the kitchen to quench their thirst and replenish some calories after their love foray.