ROD 123111


Saturday, 31Dec11


Last Blast ROD of 2011

Four rounds of: 30/15,  then 20/10 for 2 rounds  ~ no rest

  • Push ups
  • Box jumps
  • KB swings
  • Walkouts
  • DB Push Presses
  • Burpees
  • TRX finishers

2012: What Will The New Year Bring? May It Bring You Peace, Prosperity And Happiness

Coach Donald

We often wish people a Happy or Prosperous New Year and then forget who we said the sentiment to. On the second day of each year we often forget our wishes and greetings and often start worrying about life. When we say “Happy/Prosperous new year” what do we mean? Are we wishing for the person to spend the rest of that year in happiness? Are we only wishing happiness for the day? Or are we also wishing that we ourselves will see prosperity throughout the year.

As 2011 comes to a close I wonder how many people have forgotten me throughout the past year, those that have wished me prosperity and happiness. I also wonder how some of those people have not checked in on me to make sure that I am having a happy and or prosperous year.

I have a few people I call each year like my best friends Ralph and Ritchie, my brothers who aren’t within my site. Other than that I don’t really go through my phone book and make random calls. I believe if I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous or Happy New Year then I should mean it.

But what I do each year is pray for all the people I do know.

For You and Yours

If you are serious about a persons happiness and prosperity, pray for them. Of course many will expect to hear the sentiment with words but saying it must come from a place of truth. Don’t say it because it is expected, say it because you mean it.

As we approach the close of the year 2011, we will be making new resolutions for the upcoming year. Many of those resolutions will be about family, spiritual life and health and wellness. Make happiness a part of your resolution. You can resolve to making one person’s life better in the year 2012.

Adopt someone as your resolution. Someone who you know is less fortunate, or someone going through emotional or spiritual upheavals.

Mean what you say at the begining of the year when you say Happy New Year!

To You My Next Level Family and Every One Reading This!

May the guide light keep you.

May his light shine upon you and bring you peace



May we love


Guide each other

As we face another year may all our dreams come true

I love you and appreciate all of you.

And for those visiting this website for the first time and reading this, I love you too.

Have a Peaceful, Prosperous and Wonderful 2012!


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