ROD 020412


Saturday, 04Feb12


Pre-Super Bowl Get Down

This is going to help you burn those chicken wings, pizza, 6 footers and whatever other junk you can cram into your cranial cavity. Make smart choices like vegetable platters or tofu chips (yea right).

This is a 60 second work /20 second recovery timed sets for 3 rounds with 1 minute rest between

  • TRX reverse flyes
  • Landmine Reverse Lunges
  • KB Snatch pulls
  • Band Sprints & Block
  • MB Bounding w/ Mtn Climbers (5l/5r)
  • 180 Slam Ball


Athletes ROD


4 rounds of: 20 sec of work 10 recovery… stay on each one for 4 rounds then move on

  • Recline overhead pulls
  • Goblet squats 
  • DB push press
  • Resisted Kettlebell swings with thin bands
  • Plank jacks


20/10 x 10 rounds of this couplet (10 minute set) rest for 1 minute after 5 rounds then continue.

  • Slam ball
  • Burpees