ROD 022212


Wednesday, 22Feb12


Over-the-Hump Wednesday

4 rounds of 40/20 work/recovery ratio w 1 minute of rest in between rounds

  • Pull ups
  • Battling ropes
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Barbell Thrusters
  • Burpees
  • Hip Thrusts


Are you ready for the Staten Island High Rock Challenge?

In memory of Police Officer John Kelly, the High Rock Challenge is an adventure run in the Greenbelt Trail System of Staten Island that is roughly ten kilometers in length. Teams consisting of two members must run together at all times and compete in five mystery events which are located throughout the course. Mystery events are designed to challenge and encourage teamwork as well as mental and physical strength. There will be food, beverages and entertainment at the finish. Previous year’s challenges brought competitors face to face with a 50 pound sandbag, an 8 foot wall, a word scramble test, a low crawl net and a suspended wire bridge over a murky pond.

How do you get ready for the Event?

With us of course. Only Nxt Level can get you prepared for the unknowable obstacles which you are required to perform during this event. Our program is the only training on Staten Island that has functional movements that are constantly-varied, high intensity workouts. We strengthen and condition and prepare you for whatever the challenge. Our classes are geared towards a high level of functional competency. To register, click on the High Rock widget.

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