ROD 040712


Saturday, 07Apr12


Slammin’ Saturday

For the Gym

First Round

  • Burpee & a half x 60 seconds
  • KB swings x 60 seconds
  • Mtn. Climbers x 60 seconds
  • Diamond Sit-ups x 60 seconds
  • DB Thrusters x 60 seconds

In rounds 2-3-4 all above movements will be done at 45 sec, 30 sec, 15 sec… respectively. There will be rest in between rounds respective to the times of rounds. 1st round 60 sec rest… 2nd round 45 sec rest and so on.


For the Athlete’s

4 rounds of: 20 sec of work 10 recovery… stay on each one for 4 rounds then move on

  • Recline overhead pulls
  • Goblet squats
  • DB push press
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Plank jacks


20/10 x 10 rounds of this couplet (10 minute set) rest for 1 minute after 5 rounds then continue.

  • Slam ball
  • Burpees


For the High Rock Folk’s

In a Pre-Designated area of High Rock the following challenge will be accomplished. A flag area will be set up for the teams. The teams will be assigned. The challenge is for the team who finishes the designated workout first wins.

This ROD will continue through for two rounds. The team that finishes first will recieve a surprise that will be announced .

  • The first area, 5 burpees will be performed
  • The second area, 5 burpees & 5 sit-outs will be performed
  • The third area, 5 burpees, 5 sit-outs and 5 push-ups will be performed
  • the fourth area, 5 burpees, 5 sit-outs, 5 push-ups and 20 Mtn. Climbers (r/l leg = 1)

How it will Work: At the start the first person will

  • The first teammate will perform 5 burpees and run to the second stageing area, then wait until the next teammate does his/her burpees…
  • the second teammate will start with the 5 burpees then run & tag the second teammate who will perform 5 burpees & 5 sitouts then runs to…
  • the third staging area while the third teammate is at the start performing his/her burpees to run to the second staging area so that that teammate will run again to the third staging area and so on until everyone finishes… Good Luck!