ROD 041412

Saturday 14Apr12

Over a bottle of wine… or two… or whatever. This is tomorrows NLP & High Rocks Training ROD
Tabata your Meta Ass off

All teams will be chosen. There will be 4 staging areas which will be refered to as the “pit”. There will be 4 teams chos…en for each pit. On the onset of the ROD the timed sets will be set-up as 30 seconds work/ 30 seconds rest for 3 rounds. Each team will perform the exercises orchestrated at each PIT. After 3 rounds each team will run a designated distance. Then move on to the next staging area and so on till every team has performed all of the assigned “Weird Object” exercises.

The Pit

Staging Area I ” The Cobblestone”

* Cobblestone Thrusters
* Cobblestone Swings
* Cobblestone High-Pulls


Staging Area II ” The Log”

*Log Shoulder Passes
*Log Sit-ups
*Log Squats


Staging Area III “The Tire”

*Tire Jacks
*Tire Slams
*Tire Crunch


Staging Area IV “The Sandbag”

*Sandbag Reverse Lunge
*Sandbag Snatchpulls with release
*Sandbag Figure Eights

Good Fuckin’ Luck This is who we are and what we do best. Done…

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