ROD 050412


Friday, 04May12


Double Bell Trouble

This is a timed 40 seconds on / 20 seconds recovery for 4 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • Dbl KB Front Squats
  • KB Dip & Switch (not from the floor-but hanging, 1 bell at clean and the other at hanging)
  • Dbl KB Dead-lifts
  • Dbl KB Swing (outside)
  • Dbl KB Push Press
  • Dbl KB Renegade Rows
In this ROD, use a KB weight that allows you to lift properly for the weakest exercise. Let’s say that your weakest exercise are the push presses, and all you can use is 12k. Then 12k is what you would use for the rest of the exercises. We don’t want you to have 2 different size KB’s at your station. So you say to yourself, well I can use 16k for the dead-lifts and 12k for the presses. No!! use the 12k for all of your work just make sure that you squeeze all of your muscles at the peak of each movement. That way the 12k feels as if you were using a 16k. That’s key. “Deliberate movements with peak contractions at the top of the movement.” That’s the way you should move loads all the time. 


Ladies Who Want a “Toned” Physique

I’m almost positive that there are many women out there who will not lift heavy weights because of the misconception that they will turn into The Incredible Hulk. Well I’m here to announce that you will never look like the…feMALE in the picture below… RELIEF!


Well sorry to break the news to you but you CAN’T look like a man from lifting heavy weights.  I mean, that is unless you really, really, really, really, wanted a mans physique. Anything is possible (with anabolic supplements, i.e. steroids and testosterone boosters).

The fact of the matter is that the female body just doesn’t work like that. First of all, women do not produce as much testosterone as men do, which is 10-30 times more than women. Men are made up of a lot more muscle than women. About 23% of a woman’s body is muscle while men usually have about 40%. Since the production level of testosterone in a woman’s body is minute compared to men it is damn near impossible to build muscle at the same intensity as men do.

P.S. Even men are having trouble building just a pound of muscle, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Oh and there is also no scientific data that says lifting heavy weights will turn you into a giant muscular freak!

With that being said ladies, you can’t workout like little girls anymore. No offense but if you want that sexy tight looking physique you have to increase the intensity of your workouts.


Lifting weights is what’s going to get you that toned and  sexy look that every female dreams of. Not only by lifting weights, but by lifting heavy weights.

Again just to reassure you, women just don’t have the genetics to build muscle at the same rate as men do! So lets get down to business.

You want that TONED look right. Well what does that mean? You want you muscles to be visible with no flab shaking around right? Well that’s because of the low body fat % that is surrounding your muscles that get that “toned” look.

If you are gaining unwanted mass then I would take a second look at your diet rather that your fitness routine. You might be eating more than you should be.

As I have said before, diet is key! Muscles grow on calories which means you need to build the muscle before “toning” it.

P.S. Sorry for that scary looking picture at the top of the post… I’m scared to go to sleep now…