ROD 062112


Thursday, 21Jun12


 7 pm

Rampage XTREME

21-15-9-6 reps for time of:
Hang squat clean, 25#> for women / 35#> for men
Pike handstand push-ups with feet on Box
Box Jumps


 8 pm

Are You Ready for Anything ?

Our Super High Intensity Boxing Circuit class is a 1 hour ass kicking class that will leave you in a fatigued.

Your cardio-respiratory and muscle strength will benefit from our motivational, challenging and fun circuit training set to energetic music.

Push yourself  and see what you’ve got!!!!


Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions about Diets and Nutrition and Their Answers!

I began to think a lot about changing my diet! I think that now I am convinced that fats are not the reason for obesity and that I really need to change my eating.
A: Glad to hear it!

Q: But after I made the hardest step and took the decision to make a change, a lot of new questions are popping up.
A: Go ahead and tell me what is confusing you!

Q: Well, I really feel confused. I really don’t know how to eat. I think I need some help.

A: I will help you.

Q: So, exactly how do you eat?
A: That’s an easy one! I follow a Paleo diet with some exceptions here and there.

Q: A Paleo diet? That’s getting even harder!
A: Before you start thinking that this is the new magical weight loss diet, I want to explain some things. The Paleo diet is more like a “template”, that hints you what kind of food you need to be eating in order to be in optimal health and feel energetic for different physical activities.

The Paleo diet gives you the basics and the rest is in your own hands. And even if it sounds confusing it isn’t!

You just need to eat meat, eggs, fish, nuts, vegetables ,fruits and seeds.

Q: Sounds delicious! I am aware that I have to exclude processed foods and sugar from my diet, but what about grains? I thought they were healthy!
A: I recommend you read here, why grains are not good for your health and how in reality they do more harm than good!

Q: Ok, so what is your opinion about dairy? From what I’ve heard dairy products are excluded from Paleo diet.
A: Dairy products are an arguable case. As a whole, there are people that tolerate dairy very well, but there are a big per cent of people who can’t tolerate dairy.

Besides that there are researches, which point out that grains could contribute for autoimmune diseases, as well as inflammation.

It sounds scary, but if you dig in different researches, you will find out that most of them are done with the consumption of low fat dairy products. That is more food for thought- about the quality of low fat dairy products and their influence on our health!

Personally I do not eat dairy products bought from the store. The only time I could possibly drink milk or eat cheese, is when my grandma gets it from our village and prepares it herself!

I noticed that a lot of people have problems with dairy products bought from the supermarket, but if they eat or drink homemade dairy products, they don’t have stomach aches and other similar complains.

That’s why my advice would be to limit dairy consumption, but if you still want to have some every now and then, just make sure you buy them from a farmer or a village!

Q: Ok, I think I finally understood what to include in my diet. And how do I understand the quantity of the food, that I am supposed to eat?
A: See, that is the problem! And it is the problem of most people. You all think that there is one magical formula, that is gonna solve everybody’s problems. But this is not math! These are individual bodies. And as such, each body has different needs and reacts in a different way to different nutrients. That’s why everybody needs a diet that suits his personal needs!

If you want me to tell you some numbers, my advice is”to keep the fats around 60%, proteins around 30% and 10% carbs. But this looks complicated and it is gonna lead to even more questions.

That is why my advice would be as follows. Try to have a source of protein- meat, eggs, fish; a source of fats- raw nuts, avocado, butter, bacon, olives; a source of carbs- different vegetables and some fruits every now and then, at every meal!

There is one really helpful “rule” for the quantity of your food, and it is- meat should be with the size of your palm, fats should be the size of your thumb, carbs(vegetables) should be about two handfuls!

It seems kind of childish but it really corresponds to the 60%fat:30% proteins:10% carbs.

Q:Thank you! I really got confused with the per cents, but I will give it a try with the “rule”. And how long does this diet last? When could I start eating more stuff?
?: The first and most important thing, when we talk about nutrition is that diets don’t have a deadline. A diet means nutrition plan, a way of eating. If you want to change your life and improve your health, you will need to change your eating.

If the way you eat now, led you to be overweight, feel tired and sluggish, what makes you think that when you start eating like this again, you will have different results?

As it is said, if you always do the same thing, the same way, it is a pure madness to expect a different outcome! That’s why you need to work on your thinking and the way you understand healthy eating!

Learn to eat real, quality food. Learn to cook for yourself and you will find out how much variety you will have and how delicious your food can be! Healthy eating is boring just for those that are too lazy to cook!

How much do you eat? Do you follow a strict, measured nutrition plan or do you trust your body’s signals?


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