ROD 090112


Saturday, 01Sept12


OH NO! September is Here

Let’s finish this week off with a big bang. This whole week we have been crushing the ROD’s with high metabolic exercises. Well today won’t be any different. We are going out of August with amazing Tabata style.

8 rounds of 20 second work and 10 seconds rest: Complete each exercise for 8 rounds rest 1 minute then move on to the next.

  • Reclines
  • KB Swings (for crying out loud, squeeze those glutes at the top of the swing)
  • Burpees
  • DB Split Snatches (start with DB’s at sides and explode weight overhead landing in a split lunge, alternating legs, whew)
  • Russian Twists with Dynamax Balls (FAST)

Be ready before the instructor say’s time and don’t stop until the buzzer sounds (what’s the matter with you people who quit before the buzzer, it’s only 20 seconds) Every second counts, every rep counts. Who’s better than you?