ROD 120712


Friday, 07Dec12


Unilateral Friday

This is a 15 second work / 15 second recovery timed set. Stay on the same movement for 8 rounds, but switch sides after 4 rounds. A 40 second rest in between rounds.

  • KB Row (l)… then (r)
  • DB Floor Presses (l)… then (r)
  • Sit-outs (l)… then (r)
  • DB Thrusters (l)… then (r)
  • Racked lunges (l)… then (r)
  • Ball Slams (l)… then (r)

On the ball slams use the small slam balls but make sure you have full extension of the body at the top of the throw, on the toes then switch hands after 4 rounds. While doing the Sit-outs the left side means the right leg kicks out to the left side and visa-versa. On the Rows, Floor Presses, Thrusters and Lunges use HEAVY WEIGHT and struggle. On the lunges, same side as the weight; so if you rack on the right side then the right leg lunges forward. ALWAYS START WITH THE LEFT SIDE… Got it!