ROD 120812

Saturday, 08Dec12

8am  & 9:15am


South Shore Ladder


Descending reps 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 at each station (275 total reps)

Go through these movements as quickly as possible for time at the weight prescribed:

  • KB swings ( beginners 16kg, intermediate 20kg, advanced 24kg)
  • Clapping push-ups (AFAP)
  • Squat Thrust (AFAP)
  • DB Lateral Lunges w/ OH press ( beginners 15lbs, intermediate 20lbs, advanced 25lbs)
  • DB Sit-up w/ OH press (beginners 15lbs, intermediate 20lbs, advanced 25lbs) 1 DB




Athlete ROD

20 seconds work / 10 seconds recovery for 16 cycles at each couplet. A 1 minute rest after completion of cycles.

  • Reclines
  • Ball Slams

1 minute rest

  • MB Dynamic Squats
  • Push-ups

1 minute rest

  • MB Alternating Lunges
  • Box Jumps

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