ROD 021113


Monday, 11Feb13


Met Con Monday

This is a 30 second work / 15 second recovery for 6 rounds with a 1 minute REST EVERY 2 ROUNDS

  • Chest 2 Bar (C2B) Jumping Pull-ups
  • Wall Ball
  • DB Push Press
  • BB Sumo Dead-lifts (legs wider than shoulder/hands narrower than shoulder)
  • Anchored Sit-ups  (feet under heavy DB’s)


Members, it is time to leave your comfort zone. Some of you have been members for a few months now and it has come to my attention that by now we have learned the system and most of the exercises, we must dig deep and start overloading the body. Now don’t freak out and take this literally thinking that we want to put you at risk for injury – No!

What we mean is we want you to go slightly heavier weight than you can comfortably handle. Does that mean 20 – 30 lbs heavier-No. That means maybe 5 lbs heavier. Does that mean you have to do the same amount of reps for the extra weight-No. Overload means going slightly heavier but fewer reps until you reach the amount of reps that you have done previously with lighter weight with the extra 5-10 lbs. No one will ever reach their true potential always moving the same amount of weight even while increasing reps. The muscle just doesn’t work that way. Muscles will only get stronger when asked to perform a task using a heavier load. And no ladies you will not look like Arnold Shwarzen-whatever by simply increasing the load. As a matter of fact research says the opposite. That increasing the load, the muscle becomes more tonic; which in turn increases the demand to burn more calories even while resting. So, let’s kick it up a bit and take advantage of the effects.