ROD 032313


Saturday, 23Mar13


HRC Week 2 ROD (Saturday, 23march13) 10:30am


Five Rounds for time of:

10 One arm hang snatch (left)
5 Man-Makers
10 One arm hang snatch (right)
10 Split jumps (L=1/R=2…)
10 Sit-outs (L=1/R=2…)
300m Run

Snatches and Man-makers will be performed with one 6-8 inch log in each hand


*Hang Snatch- The starting position of the hang snatch is with your shoulders rounded forward, back straight and chest out so that you have the logs resting against your thighs just above your knees. Shrug and explosively pull the log up above your head leading with the elbows instead of your hands.

* Man-makers – Stand with one log in each hand at thigh level, drop down to push-up position by kicking both feet out at the same time keeping feet wider than shoulder width then row right, push-up, row left, push- up, bring knees in perform hang squat clean into a thruster… repeat, whew!!!! That’s why there’s only 5 reps.

*Split jump- Stand with one foot forward and other foot back with knees initially bent slightly. Dip body down into a lunge position keeping torso upright then jump while alternating leg positions.

* Sit-outs- from your base, support your weight on both hands and feet, then step one leg underneath you lifting opposite hand off the ground and rotating your body to come to a sit position with hips tapping the ground.

*300m run- This will be an uphill and downhill trail run. Here are 3 tips for trail running

1. Don’t Rush, start slow there will be rocks & tree roots along the way. As you get familiar with the trail and ONLY then speed up.
2.Lift your feet slightly higher than you would if you were running on pavement
3.Don’t look down, look about 6 to 8 feet ahead off you so you can see the upcoming terrain
4.Don’t be afraid to walk when necessary, remember this HRC training. We want you to get familiar with trail running.
5. Communicate, when you approach a person, loudly say “passing on your right (or left).

Stronger Than Yesterday!