ROD 050213


Thursday, 02May13


The Barbell, Partner and Me

This is a partner ROD. A barbell will be assigned to each team and you will complete each of the movements below. This will be a timed set and each team member will perform 5 reps apiece and pass the barbell back and forth to each other until the clock has run down which you will have time enough to load up or strip down the bar for the next movement. This will continue untill the routine is over. Challenge and push each other to ensure maximum effort.

This is a 1 minute work with a 30 second recovery for 3 rounds with a minute rest in between. Your partner should be of equal fitness level for best results. The following are the exercises to complete.

  • Deadlifts*
  • Squats
  • Push-ups on Barbell
  • Push Press
  • Clean Pulls