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Monday, 22Jul13



EMOM for twenty minutes

On odd minutes

  • 12 x 30′ shuttle run (run left = 1…etc. Cones will be set-up)

On even minutes,

  • 18 kettlebell swings

On the shuttle runs make sure your in a low semi-squat position throughout the movement. As fatigue sets in you will want to rise out of position, “DON’T. STAY LOW”.

Instructors,If the class is large, half of the everyday athletes will start with shuttle runs, the rest with kettlebell swings.


We were the First, the Original

Back in 2009 is when we started this training program, there were no other gym’s on Staten Island that were doing this type of strength and conditioning. We are the original hub for this type of modern physical culture, where exercise intensity, camaraderie and compassion create the ideal philosophy for the best relationship you can have with your body.  Our ongoing mission: to increase comprehension of the role of strength and conditioning, well being in self actualization and our relationship to the community. That’s our idea of health. It’s playtime. Hard, intense, empowering, life changing playtime! That’s what we do best.

The first gym in Staten Island to… feature Kettlebells and tires, sandbags, suspension training, rings, Olympic lifting etc., Next Level Performance was Staten Island’s first true high intensity gym, utilizing techniques and tools that are just now starting to register on the common fitness radar. Before Crossfit, before anyone else, we were practicing a brand of strength and conditioning that TO THIS DAY is unrivaled in Staten Island. Our passion is beyond the What and How of strength, but most importantly, the Why! We bring out the athlete in ANYONE. You can’t really believe that the treadmills, machines and limited weight training opportunities at commercial gyms are actually FUN, can you (and what have they truly done for you?)? People who seek ability, transcendence and empowerment train differently. Our training concepts involve embracing real strength and real ability, and therefore our members are introduced to the world of strength athletics. To inspire them even further, we offer the opportunity to compete in races and challenges. Like the High Rock Challenge or 10K trail races.  Competition to us means personal empowerment through organized challenge, not ego driven conquest.

The body is a tool for greater purpose, not just the end result of your training. We move, in many ways. There isn’t a single worthwhile reason to not embrace strength. Therefore, training is the means to an increase in the quality of life through movement. Whether through lifting heavy objects of all shapes and sizes or finding new ways to move the body by itself, You will understand and appreciate why Next Level Performance is all about strengthening the spirit through pushing the limits of the body.


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