ROD 092213

Sunday, 22Sept13


9am- 12pm



Members can come in and make up a missed ROD or work on a skill or lift they would like to spend more time practicing such as cleans, dead-lifts, squats with KB’s, Barbells or Dumbbells.

Take advantage of this opportunity and improve your movement skills. Coaches will be available for questions and assistance during this time.




Great Ideas to Improve Your Workouts and Strength


Try the 5 x 5 workouts – foolproof training program guaranteed to pack on solid muscle and raw strength.

Pick a movement and set a goal of doing a weight for 5 sets of 5 reps. If you chose 225 as your target weight,  perform the 5×5 the following way and test yourself once a week.

Week One                       Week Two     ……… Week Five

  • 225 for 4             225 for 4                   225 for 5
  • 225 for 3             225 for 3                   225 for 3
  • 225 for 1              225 for 2                   225 for 3
  • 225 for 1              225 for 2                   225 for 3
  • 225 for 1              225 for 1                    225 for 2

Add up the total reps of the workout (10 in the above example). Each week progress, slowly work up into the teens, and then the low twenties.    With a serious enough weight, it could take months to build up to the full 25 reps of  a 5 x 5 workout. The upside of this workout may not be obvious, but it allows you to use heavy weights and slowly, steadily, build up the volume. Progress in life and in your workouts take time.

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