ROD 100513


Saturday, 05Oct13


Happy B’Day Coach Chris B. 

The 49’er 

7 Rounds for Time: 24:30 time limit (half of 49, let’s stay with the theme folk’s) 

  • 7 Renegade Rows (r+l=1)
  • 7 High Pull to Snatch Pulls (long cycle = 1)
  • 7 KB Swings
  • 7 Wall Ball
  • 7 Burpees + a Half
  • 7 Sit-outs
  • 7 Split Squats (r+l=1)

You’ll need set of dumbbells, a kettlebell and a dynamax ball. The snatch pull to high pull is a long cycle movement with a swing between each movement. If not familiar with this movement pattern use a lighter Bell. This ROD is not for the feint at heart.