ROD 100713


Monday, 07Oct13




Members can come in and make up a missed ROD, work on a skill or lift they would like to spend more time practicing or do your own thing.

Take advantage of this opportunity and improve your movement skills.  Coaches will be available for questions and assistance during this time.

  • Place all equipment back
  • Be safe, respectful, friendly and conscience of everyone around you.



Class Times:  4:30am, 5:30am 9am, 6:30pm, 7:30pm & 8:30pm


Metcon Triplets   

3 Rounds of 30 second intervals continuously. Go from one movement to the next until the 30 second recovery, then repeat.

Take 1:00 rest between each triplet.

Here are the triplets:

  • Reclines / Slam Ball Thrusters / Ball Slams – 30-30-30/30 recover x 3
  • KB Swings R / Burpees /KB Swings L – 30-30-30/30 recover x 3
  • KB Clean L / KB Clean R /KB Turkish Half Get-ups – 30-30-30/30 recover x 3
  • Judo Push-ups / Sandbag Rotational Hi-Pull /Sit-outs – 30-30-30/30 recover x 3

On the KB Turkish half get-up, the member must come up to where the hips are extended.