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Saturday, 31Nov13



A BIG FAT Thank you to all of you who got a piece of our BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

Our new home is shaping up. We look forward to seeing all of NLP’s present, past and future friends and family Sunday night at 6pm. We are proud of our work and can’t think of anyone else to share it with then our NLP Family. Wine, Beer and snacks will be served. I have been asked what to bring by some of you, Please don’t feel obligated to bring anything but if you must please bring anything you want.

The gym is shaping up nicely. Today we are putting the final touches to bring it all together.  As NLP tradition goes, we will repeat the last workout we did on Wednesday again on Monday, Dec  2, 2013 in the new facility, (hint, hint). We feel that our new facility will give you more opportunity to get stronger, faster and is better equipped to get you the goals you want to achieve. As   always we want to you to have a positive experience each time you walk through our doors. We may yell and scream at times but it’s all for the betterment of your physical state. We look  forward to seeing all of you at the Grand Opening Celebration Sunday night.

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