ROD 022414


Monday, 24Feb14


Triple Nickel 

5 Movements – 5 Reps – 5 Rounds… for time 

  • DB Man-Makers
  • DB Reverse Lunges
  • Sit-outs (l&r=1)
  • Knees-to-Elbows (or 90 degrees)
  • Ball Slams

**The man-maker, men at 35 & up lbs/ women at 20 & up lbs, consists of a drop to a push-up/a row on each arm/a pop-up to a thruster, repeat 4 x’s.  DB Lunges are to be done w/db on shoulders. Knees to elbows can be modified to knees to chest on the rig. Sit-outs and ball slams are done as normal.

***A time limit of 25 minutes will be set. We need to get stronger before we start leaning out for the better weather, so use challenging weight. Also if the weight is too light, you will defeat this ROD to quickly.





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