ROD 102914


Wednesday, 29Oct14


Strength Day

Perform the following movements for 25 minutes taking rest as needed. Men must use one weight, 20 k or heavier, for all movements, women try to use one weight, like a 14 or 16 k, as well. Go heavy or go home.

  • Single Arm Swings 5r x 5l
  • KB Presses 5r x 5l
  • 5 – 2 Jack Burpees
  • KB Cleans 5r x 5l
  • Racked Squats 5r x 5l
  • One Arm Row 5r x 5l
  • Run  S-to 115 and back /N first speed bump…..epeat as many times as possible.

Cleans can be dead or long cycle depending on the individuals technical level. Presses can be strict, push press or push jerk again depending on weight of KB.