ROD 110514


Wednesday, 05Nov14


Grin and Bell It

This is a 25 second work / 15 second recovery for 6 rounds with a minute rest in between 2 rounds

  • KB Racked Split Squats (switch @ rounds)
  • Staggered Stance KB Single Arm Swing to Clean (switch @ rounds)
  • Single Arm Row-Let go-Catch (switch @ rounds)
  • KB Stand-Kneel-Stand (switch @ rounds)
  • Alternating DB Rotating Single Arm Presses
  • Halo Lateral Ball Slams

* Staggered kb swing with the right leg forward and the left to the side to the rear – swing/clean with left arm then switch
** Alternating DB presses with a pair of db on shoulders press with the right and rotate left making sure to pivot with the right foot.
*** Halo ball slams are performed with circling the head from right to left and then slamming the ball on the right side.