ROD 080515


Wednesday, 05Aug15


Heart Healthy

3 rounds for time

  • 10 Sit-back Spider-man Push-ups (L)
  • 10 Lunge Jump w/ High Knee  (L)
  • 10 DB Squat & Press (L)
  • 20 Ankle Jacks
  • 10 DB Squat & Press (R)
  • 10 Lunge Jump w/ High Knee (R)
  • 10 Sit-back Spider-man Push-ups (R)
  • 20 Ankle Jacks…  If time permits you will do a lap when done after the 3 rounds

The spider-man push-ups should start in the sit-out position, then sit-back knees close to the ground and thrust forward into a low strict push-up with knee up & out to the side of the body. On the lunge jumps you are to lunge then explode up into a high knee and repeat. This is a definite fat burner so try to complete the whole round non-stop and then rest on your own, not too long, and continue. Make sure the DB is heavy so don’t scrimp on the weight.