HIIT 093017

Saturday, 30Sept17

Say goodbye to September!


Warm-up: 12 min

Warm-up and find your workout partner


Partner Pre-game: 6 min

2 person team

1 team member holds low Plank for 30 seconds then high Plank for 30 sec  (1min)

The other team member performs broad jumps over their workout partner for 30 seconds then log jumps over their partner for 30 second  (1 min)

At the top  of the 1 min partners switch

Have fun with this


Team Workout:

Thrusters, Burpees EMOM

2 person team must complete 100 Thrusters

1 team member completes 5 burpees then completes as many Thrusters as possible. At top of next minute other partner does 5 burpees and performs as many Thrusters as possible. Alternate each minute until the team has reached 100 Thrusters.

Looking for Challenge?  find another team, use the same weight for Thrusters and see who finishes first

Teams can be Coed



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