LIFT 040518

Thursday, 05April18


Group Warm-up: 2rds
30 sec of each movement 2 rds

  • BP Overhead Chop
  • BP Side Chops (r)
  • BP Side Chop (l)
  • BP Alt. Overhead Rear Lunge
  • Alt Glute Bridge March
  • BP Russian Twist

1:30 min jump rope


Partner Workout: 10 min
Move quickly, support and spot each other at all times.

  • Bench/Floor Press – work up to a 3RM.

Rest five full minutes before starting the finisher


Finisher: 25/10 for 16 cycles Non-Stop

  •  DB See Saw Chest Press
  • DB Renegade Row
  • Burpees
  • Mtn Climbers
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