Friday, 15Feb19


Group Warm-up: 15 min

Stay Active


Workout: Isolation Friday

This will be a 60 sec work / 20 second rest with a 1 min rest in between each round

rules apply to this old school type workout.

  1. You must go as heavy as a minute of continuous work will allow
  2. A 1 sec up to 3 sec down cadence will apply to each lift across the board
  • Reclines (dig deep and get them feet on a box)
  • KB Front Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • DB Chest Press on Bench or Floor
  • DB Curl & Overhead Press (if you can curl it, you can press it rule applies)
  • KB Swings
*the bicep is the smallest muscle group, so whatever you can curl, you can Press 
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