ROD 012910


Friday, 29Jan10


The Rebel

Perform this ladder quickly which starts at 10 reps – 1 repetition without any rest.

  •  kettlebell swings
  •  squat thrusts
  •  kettlebell high pulls


Here are some pics of the NY Panthers Fast Pitch Softball League going through a routine.


These young ladies work hard to improve their athletic performance. I ask a lot from them and they give me a lot in return. Most of these young athletes have gone back to their respective schools and have thanked me for all that Nxt Level has done for them. Well Nxt Level wants to thank you for your support and cooperation. Our support does not stop once you walk out of the of Nxt Level. We will continue to encourage their goals, just call us and we will answer any questions they may have concerning exercises or movement issues.  We never stop supporting our athletes in their individual endeavors. As their trainer I want to thank them for the feedback they have given me. I learned as much from them as they have learned from me. They were a great group.

In closing, Nxt Level also wants to thank Coach Bennett for all of his support and guidance. If anyone knows his players it’s Coach Bennett. I have learned some coaching tips from Coach Bennett’s years of experience. He is an excellent hitting Coach as well as a good friend of NLP.