ROD 033110


Wednesday, 31Mar10


Two Minute Torture

On the 2 minute mark for 20 minutes, do
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 kettlebell snatches
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 20 kettlebell swings (advanced will be resisted)


If you find yourself falling behind, do 20 jumping jacks instead of swings.


How to Relieve Sore Muscles  This is a good article to get tips on the Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness, or what we trainers refer to as DOMS.

Nxt Level Product Tip… “EFFERDENT” – Great product to use for cleaning Vibrams – nothing else works half as good.



“On Performance”
Why is it important that your ROD’s are done faster than anyone else? Why a bigger deadlift &  more explosive Thrusters? 50 Pull-ups? Why not just tone & sculpt? Why not just be comfy with losing some of the flab off those arms? Because it doesn’t work.

In the picture above is Ferrari 458 Italia. Even if you have absolutely no clue about cars – you can guess that it’s pretty fast and expensive. Why?

Performance dictates the form, not the other way around. We know an athlete when we see one (unless he/she competes in Curling or Chess). How? We’re wired machines who can tell who’s the Alpha Male & who’s the Beta, who’s strong and who isn’t – that’s our instincts. Small scrawny wolf will not be the leader of the pack.

Form follows function. Once you train like an athlete – you will look like one. Not the other way around. Chase better ROD times & faster 2k row, heavier squat & stronger shoulders and you will transform along with your body. Oh yea… Don’t forget to eat right.