ROD 040810


Thursday, 08Apr10


Tabata Boxing

A timed 2 min of WORK at each station.  The last 30 seconds of each station everyone will do a movement called out by the trainer such as burpees, mini push-ups, V’s…… 

No rest between stations. …NO REST. We want 100% maximium effort from all the participants

  • Bag Push
  • B-A-G
  • Box Jacks w/ Med-ball  
  • Tuck-ins
  • B-A-G
  • Hit Mitt
  • 90 Degree Pushups w/ gloves on
  • B-A-G
  • Heisman w/ hurdles 
  • B-A-G

The Men’s Final Heat from the Carolina Sectionals, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

The Universal Strength Apparatus

Allow us to introduce you to USA ( Universal Strength Apparatus). USA is a suspension bodyweight training system which can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. We’ve been using USA for our own training for a while before deciding to share it with the rest of the world.

It’s impossible to describe all the benefits that you can get out of using USA, but you will understand what we mean after you get one for yourself or get acquainted with this system through numerous videos and pictures on

 The advantage of USA over all the other fully suspension products on the market, such as gymnastic rings is that it can be climbed. It is designed to be climbed with hands only. Different climbs are designed for different fitness levels. An incline climb is a relatively fundamental exercise for beginner. A fully suspended pull-up climb is designed for intermediate amount of coordination and upper body strength. Advanced disciples can do the power-ups and other advanced exercises

At the same time Multi Level Handle design allows the user to switch levels easily. Higher handles are for beginners, while lower handles provide increased challenge. Many exercises that call for quick resistance change are possible. At the same time Multi Level Handles allow for exercise not possible with any other apparatus. Those exercises include Overhead Arm Blaster, Dip-Pull, Chin-Support Hold and many others.