ROD 041610


Friday, 16Apr10


Happy Friday

This is a timed 30 sec (w) /15 sec (r) / for 4 rounds with a 45 sec rest between

  • Duck unders
  • Jumpin’ pull-ups
  • Dog up/down
  • DB Thrusters
  • KB swings
  • MB slams


Creating good habits is essential. Here’s a great tool to help you succeed:


Here’s a fast salad I whipped up in about 20 mins including defrosting the chicken.
Now on the ingredients:

Thaw your chicken in the microwave. While its thawing, chop up your veggies. I used half a cucumber, 1 roma tomato, good slice of red onion. Heat your skillet on medium heat with coconut oil. Place meat in oil and season to your taste. I used Chicken, Old Bay, Balsamic Vinegar and some garlic. At the same time, cook about 4 slices of bacon on medium heat. Pay attention to them orthey will burn quickly.

Cut your meat into bite size tasty morsels and dress your salad with what you like. I used Olive Oil and some more Balsamic Vinegar.

Enjoy…its good.