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Monday, 14Jun10

Marvelous Monday

Ladies, Use a heavy bell! Don’t be afraid to use a heavy bell! You will not get big, fit yes-strong yes-powerful yes- but big- No way, Jose. Read the article below.
How many rounds in 20 mins…
  • Kettlebell swings 5r/5l
  • Push ups 10 (body will engage from the floor up to a pushup)
  • Cleans 5r/5l
  • Presses or push presses 5r/5l
  • 1 arm racked squat   5r/5l
  • 1 arm row 5r/5l

* Wednesday Morning’s Class on 16Jun10 will be rescheduled from 11:00 am to 9:00 am.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo


The H.I.I.T  Training concept is fairly new but seems to be pretty solid. With H.I.I.T.Training, Nxt Level Performance introduces a whole new training concept to Staten Island Women. Coach D

H.I.I.T. Training is not like your traditional weight training.  While traditional weight training focuses on muscle fatigue, H.I.I.T. focuses on muscle performance. In this system, you move increasingly heavy weights in short periods of time in an effort to boost your overall power output. You are only dealing with two variables: time and amount of work.

 The idea is that you do as many push-ups and squats as you can during the predetermined minutes, and the next time you come around to that same exercise set, which might be one to two weeks later depending on your schedule, you try to do more push-ups or squats in the same period of time, or use more weight; doing squats while holding onto kettlebells or dumbells, or push-ups with a weighted vest.

 The fun thing about this training program is that it gives you a numeric goal to beat. You know exactly what your numbers were the last time you did this exercise set, so when you’re doing it again, you know what you have to beat. You begin to compete with yourself, which makes exercise more fun and rewarding. It’s also startling to learn just how quickly you can gain power.

Your body will adapt when you use this program. Even though you may have been extremely sore just doing squats with no weight whatsoever, after a few weeks, you’ll find that you can squats for 15 minutes doing 180 repetitions and won’t be sore at all. Then, you can start adding weight. If you do this long enough, you may be able to squat 100 pounds and more eventually. You’ll be both strong and functional, and your leg muscle mass will increase in size because that is a necessary adaptation for increased strength.

H.I.I.T. Loading Parameters:

For those not yet familiar with HIIT’s unique loading parameters, here’s the nuts and bolts:

  • H.I.I.T Training is based on the concept of doing more and more work from workout to workout. Therefore, it’s critical that your exercise biomechanics (i.e., technique) is consistent on every workout. If you perform strict squats on one routine and loose form the next, you aren’t really doing more work.
  • It is  recommended that you do 10-15 minutes of light to moderate running, followed by 10-15 minutes of light stretching on “off” days for the purpose of promoting active recovery and reducing soreness.
  • Each routine in this cycle consists of (3) PR Zones (PR meaning personal record) of a predetermined duration separated by a short predetermined rest periods. In each PR Zone, you’ll generally perform multiple exercises.
  • In each PR Zone, you’ll typically perform multiple exercises in alternating fashion, back and forth, using the same weight for all sets, until the PR Zone has elapsed.
  • After warming up you select a load that approximates a RM for each exercise. Ideally, the weight used for each exercise should be equally difficult.

Each time you repeat the workout; your objective is to simply perform more total repetitions in the same time frame. As soon as you can increase the total number of reps by 20 percent or more, start the next workout with 5 percent more weight and start over. Similarly, if you manage to improve upon your last performance (for the same workout) by 40 percent, then you’ll increase your weights by 10 percent on the next workout.

If you’re interested in experiencing the greatest strength gains possible in the least amount of time, I believe that HIIT Training is a system that will allow you to do it.